August 1st-4th 2024

Cerkno region

Cerkno - eternal natural beauty and rich cultural heritage

Cerkno is surrounded by mountains up to 1600m high. It is situated just at the edge of the Julian Alps. There are a lot of forests, many forgotten small valleys and even villages. There is a lot of history all around. A visitor just needs to get a little peek into the rich natural and cultural heritage - and exactly that will be offered at Cerkno Cup 2022.

An evening view from a hill near the Stage 1 (Sprint Distance) might offer just such a view ... If you are ready to wait for it. 


Soča and Idrijca river valleys are supposed to keep a lot of old pagan secrets and sacred places. Although there is no continuity from ancient times is shown the masks and traditions of Cerkno carnival might just penetrate your mind and soul with an ancient mistery. At the brink of spring the masks travel the town, every week in bigger numbers, climaxing at the carnival - where the main mask "Pust" must take responsibility for all the bad things, that happened in the past year - so that we can enter the new year, new spring.


Take a walk in a scenic route around the Cerkno valley in the afternoon and you might just get rewarded with such a view. Steep slopes are covered in an old cool forests. In the background you might just get a glympse of Porezen - a magnificient mountain, ruling this part of Slovenia. 


People around Cerkno have a big heart altough due to the character it can not be seen. During WWII a famous Unesco heritage partisan hospital Franja has operated and helped to recover to many soldiers from the great war - even from the other side of the enemy lines. The hospital is a great monument of humanity. A tour during the competeition will be organized!


Altamira caves might be known for the prehistoric paintings. but the music of Neanderthals originates from our region. "Neanderthal flute" has been discovered in 1995 and is from 50.000-60.000 years old. A trip will be organized during the competition. 

Running well in all 3 stages of Cerkno Cup and winning in the end had a significant role in my later decision to dedicate myself 100% to this beautiful sport! Mojca Flerin, Slovenia