August 8th-11th 2019

Tolmin Region

Tolmin region and The Soča Valley - a valley of peaceful stories


The Soča Valley and its varied and peaceful stories is a destination that includes intangible heritage forged into original tourist experiences – customs and traditions, historical awareness, creativity – and was thus awarded the EDEN Destination title in 2008. Its stories are brought to life at special events that take place at Kluže Fortress, which is also a part of the Path of Peace. These beauties of nature and local traditions are linked to the memories of World War I and the Isonzo (Soča) Front. This destination, which is one of the best preserved areas in Europe, attracts seekers of active holidays: hikers, bikers, lovers of water sports (kayaking, rafting, canyoning), anglers, mountain climbers, and sports climbers, sky divers, skiers, and other lovers of outdoor activities.


Places to visit:

  • The Triglav National Park 
  • The Soča Rivero 
  • Tolmin Gorges
  • The Pršjak waterfall  (Foto: Leonardo Olmi)


The Tolmin gorges are the lowest and southernmost entry point into the Triglav National Park and Tolmin’s most important sight of nature.


The valley of the Trebušica River hides many wild gorges and magnificent waterfalls. The beautiful Pršjak waterfall is one of the easiest to access. The brook is also very popular among canyoning enthusiasts. Several sports companies offer guided canyoning on the Pršjak stream.

Alps, technical terrains and good maps... Yes, it is always nice to run on Cerkno Cup!
Matjaž Štanfel, Croatia