August 8th-11th 2019



DayCerkno Cup
August 8th
free training,

August 9th
stage 1 - middle

August 10th

stage 2 - middle

August 11th

stage 3 - shortened long

prize giving


Stage 1 - Rupe (750-850m a.s.l.)

Challenging karst terrain with nice forest, many depressions and some big rocks.


Stage 2 - Kladje (700-900m a.s.l.) - new map

More of a continental terrain, not so typical for Cerkno Cup. You will not find many depressions here, instead you will enjoy nice forest, water spings and many contour details. Map is located on a ridge that is also drainage divide between Adriatic Sea and Black Sea. 


Stage 3 - Lome (650m a.s.l.)

Technically most challenging terrain we have to offer. Countless depressions make it easy to do some big mistakes.


Trips in between?

Various tourist trips can be made between orienteering races:

  • WWII partisan hospital “Franja”
  • Neanderthal cave “Divje babe”, cradle of music (first instrument)
  • Following the mercury mine in Idrija
  • Tolmin Gorges
  • Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park with The Lake Divje Jezero
Alps, technical terrains and good maps... Yes, it is always nice to run on Cerkno Cup!
Matjaž Štanfel, Croatia