August 22th-26th 2018

Summer weather

Summer weather

Naslovna slika

Just 1 day left to Cerkno Cup 2019. 
Weather forecast for next days is sunny with high temperatures. Please stay hydrated and drink enough fluids with electrolytes before and after the races. You can also take water bottles with you to the start.

Reminder: In the forest there will not be any water stations, except for categories M21E, M35, W21E and OPEN LONG at the last stage on Sunday in Lome.

After the races you can cool down on the Idrijca River. Swimming area Lajšt in Idrijska Bela:

Thu, August 08, 2019

Summer holiday feeling - Challenging orienteering courses - friendly atmosphere; that's what I always experienced when attending Cerkno Cup. It's always worth a visit.Gernot Kerschbaumer, Austria