August 22th-26th 2018

Updated Bulletin and Errata (fixed)

Updated Bulletin and Errata (fixed)

Naslovna slika

Bulletin has been updated. You can download it here:

Printed will be version with the following errors:


Page 5: All these are largely influenced by five hunded year tradition of operating the mercury mine … 

Page 7: Phone number of the office is 00386 41 976 320. Use it ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. In all other cases use e-mail!

Page 8: First start for Cerkno Cup (public race) – stage 5 – will be at 10:30, so – everybody will be able to watch attractive SEEOC relay start.

Page 17: M21E course for sprint (STAGE 4) is 4.0km long.

Page 28:  Map change – since the maps have been delivered printed one-side only – two different sheets of paper, the map exchange will be done literally. At the last control the competitros will drop their map for lap 1 and pick the new map for the lap 2.

Mon, August 20, 2018

I can't really say, who grew up with whom. Slovenian Orienteering with Cerkno Cup or vice versa. I only know I would not have grown up in one without the other. Andraž Hribar, Slovenia