August 22th-26th 2018

Road between Idrija and Godovič OPEN

Road between Idrija and Godovič OPEN

Naslovna slika

News from Idrija municipality: According to the progress of works we inform you, that total closure of the roads between Idrija and Godovič will be removed in time. Road will open partially open and regulated by traffic lights (alternating one-way traffic) from Monday, 20. 8. 2018 at 17:00. There will be 3 traffic lights on approximately 3km of the road.

To sum up - it might take an extra 15 minutes to drive through the valley, but the road will be open for traffic. This is important for your arrival (from direction of Ljubljana - via Idrija) and traveling to the stages 1, 2 (SEEOC middle) and 5 (SEEOC relay).

Thu, August 16, 2018

I can't really say, who grew up with whom. Slovenian Orienteering with Cerkno Cup or vice versa. I only know I would not have grown up in one without the other. Andraž Hribar, Slovenia