August 22th-26th 2018


Accommodation in Cerkno

Accommodation Type Distance from CC Price
Hotel Cerkno - A (2-3 beds) - FULL
half-board 0km 43€/night
Hotel Cerkno - A (single) - FULL
half-board 0km 60€/night
Hotel Cerkno - B (2-3 beds) - FULL
half-board 0km 32€/night
Hotel Cerkno - B (single) - FULL
half-board 0km 45€/night
Hotel Cerkno - hostel (4-6 beds) - FULL
half-board 0km 19€/night
Youth Hostel Cerkno - last beds
half-board 0,3km from 22€/night
Hotel Cerkno - Alpine Pearl (A - 4 persons; B - 6 persons; C - 8 persons; D - 10 persons; E - 11 persons) - FULL
overnight 15km from 11€/night 
Primary School Črni Vrh nad Idrijo - hard floor (Close to stages 1, 2, 5) (up to 40 places) overnight 35km from 5€/night
Firebrigade station Cerkno (60 places) overnight 0,3km from 5€/night
Campsite - Cerkno (100 places) overnight 2,5km from 5€/night
Campsite or Hard floor Pr Mark - Črni Vrh nad Idrijo (up to 80 places) - contact overnight 35km 10€/night
Pr Mark - tourist farm (20 places) - contact bed & breakfast 35km 25€/night
Hotel Jožef - Idrija half-board 20km from 60€/night
Hostel Idrija overnight 20km from 16€/night
Scout cottage - Pšenk (group of 25 persons) overnight 25km from 150€/night

* Tourist tax (1,5€/person/night) is NOT included in the prices!

Hotel Cerkno is official SEEOC / Cerkno Cup partner. For their accommodation contact Alexandra Bizjak at

Lunches can be pre-booked with Hotel Cerkno (contact Aleksanda) for 5€/lunch. Lunches will be available in Hotel Cerkno (Stage 1 & 4 - SEEOC training & sprint), Stage 2 - SEEOC middle (Lome), Stage 3 - SEEOC long (in Alpine pearl at the top of Ski resort Cerkno), Stage 5 - relay (Lome).

Lunch price on site will be 6,5€.


Contact Majda Rojc for other accommodation possibilities at

I can't really say, who grew up with whom. Slovenian Orienteering with Cerkno Cup or vice versa. I only know I would not have grown up in one without the other. Andraž Hribar, Slovenia